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Remodeling Works at the Cathedral of San Isidro Labrador in Pérez Zeledón

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In the heart of Pérez Zeledón, a remodeling project is taking shape within the grand Catholic Cathedral of San Isidro Labrador. This iconic cathedral, a symbol of the canton for decades, is undergoing a carefully planned and executed transformation to preserve its historical splendor and enhance its infrastructure.

A Glimpse into the Project

From the outset, the project has been divided into stages to ensure efficient and precise execution. The initial stage involved inspecting and painting the necessary areas, laying the foundation for deeper changes to come. Currently, efforts are focused on renovating the cathedral’s ceiling, a crucial aspect of the comprehensive restoration.

A Methodical Approach

The methodology behind this remodeling endeavor is evident at every step. The dismantling of the ceiling showcases meticulous attention to detail. This process will not only rejuvenate the cathedral’s interior appearance but also address structural aspects that might require attention. The decision to divide the project into stages demonstrates a responsible and planned approach, ensuring that each facet receives the attention it deserves.

Past, Present, and Future in Harmony

As the remodeling progresses, the team behind this project strives to strike a balance between the cathedral’s rich history and modern needs. Each alteration is carried out with respect for the original architecture and the cultural significance of the cathedral within the Pérez Zeledón canton. The blend of restructuring and renovation ensures the cathedral remains a place of worship, gathering, and contemplation for future generations.

A Dedicated Team

Behind this ambitious project stands a team of professionals passionate about preserving the cathedral’s architectural and cultural heritage. Engineers and architect-engineers work collaboratively to achieve lasting results.

Looking Ahead

While the current focus is on the ceiling’s dismantling, further restructuring and improvements are planned for the upcoming stages of the project. Every step in this transformation is guided by the goal of revitalizing the cathedral while preserving its unique essence and connection to the community.

Remodeling Work at the Cathedral of San Isidro Labrador in Pérez Zeledón is a testimony to dedication and respect for historical and cultural heritage. As the project’s stages unfold, the cathedral is renewed for the future while honoring its past. The Catholic church of Pérez Zeledón undoubtedly awaits the heartfelt outcome of this love-filled project.

At JH Arquitectos, we take pride in being part of this exciting project and are committed to carrying out significant transformations in harmony with history and the community’s vision. If you wish to learn more about our focus on remodeling and construction, feel free to contact us for a budget and free consultation for your new project, which we are confident you will be completely satisfied with.


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