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A space excites you only if you have dreamed and longed for it enough

Our adventure through the passionate world of architecture began in 2010, when we made the decision to create an architecture studio that was capable of satisfying the needs of having a unique, relaxing, innovative, calm and modern space that in turn achieves reach the depths of the emotions of those people who have really wanted it.

JH Arquitectos is an architecture, design and construction studio that, moreover, was born from the inspiration to achieve a balance between beauty and functionality, to adapt each space to a specific place, personality, climate and situation, thus creating unique spaces.

From the beginning we work on the smallest detail of the creation, adapting our projects to the style desired by each client.

Our team has extensive experience in technical advice, in 3D rendering drawing and in the choice of new materials.

We always work together with the best professionals specialized in each field of construction, always looking for the best result and satisfaction.

Meet our

Team JH Arquitectos

Yanan Godínez

Jose Yanán Godínez


Creative and innovative thinking, with a lot of energy and constant striving for a healthy ambition to achieve better results in architecture.
Being realistic about the problems and shortcomings of the national operating system.

Critical and self-taught.

Andrea Amador

Andrea Amador


Passionate about the creation and development of creative ideas and a lover of nature.
I love designing spaces that bring us closer to the natural environment, connecting us with the vital energy that we need in our lives.
I make all my knowledge and dedication available, so that imaginaries and illusions become possibilities and create together your dream of life.

Human quality, we are



    We are committed to carrying out all our processes taking into account the needs and expectations of our clients, in order to satisfy and even exceed them.


    We are a company that believes in the ability to inspire, dream and turn these dreams into reality, through dedication and dedication in everything we do.


    Through the commitment of our work team, we manage to achieve common objectives, to satisfy the needs of our clients.


    Through constant innovation, we are committed to our clients to provide them with a differentiated service, always carrying out the quality of our processes to the maximum.


    We have the ability to convert new and imaginative ideas from our clients into real solutions that fit their needs.


We are an Architectural design and consulting company that seeks excellence through the creation of unique and innovative spaces; reinventing the pre-established concepts according to the needs of our clients.


Achieve a creative and differentiated language for each project, which allows us to be a leader in the field of architecture at a national level.

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