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How Much Does Property Transfer Cost in Costa Rica?

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Deciphering the Costs: How Much Does a House Transfer Cost in Costa Rica?

Before taking the leap into buying a house in Costa Rica, it’s crucial to comprehend the costs associated with property transfer. Generally, the factors to consider are stamps, transfer taxes, professional fees, and value-added tax (VAT).

Costs Associated with Buying Property in Costa Rica

Here’s a table outlining the percentages mandated by the law.

Type Percentage
0.8% of the property value.
Transfer Tax
1.5% of the property value.
Professional Fees
Variable, ranging from 1% to 2%.
Value Added Tax

Property Transfer Price Estimates

Here’s a table with property transfer estimates based on property value:

Property Price Total Transfer Price
Buying and selling a property, whether with a house or just the land, involves different processes. We recommend obtaining quotes for property transfer services from a notary lawyer and, with us, for the remodeling or construction process.

Essentials in Property Transfer in Costa Rica

Transfer Taxes:

In Costa Rica, property transfer comes with taxes that can vary based on property value and location.

Legal Fees:

Hiring a lawyer is crucial for a legal and smooth transfer. Legal fees can fluctuate, so it’s advisable to get quotes beforehand.

Property Registration:

Registering the property in your name involves additional costs, ensuring you’re legally recognized as the new owner.

Notary Costs:

In real estate transactions, a notary’s involvement is essential. Notary costs vary and cover the drafting of crucial documents.


Obtaining certifications about property taxes and outstanding debts is necessary and may have associated costs.

Additional Expenses:

Consider other expenses, such as those associated with property inspection, valuation, and any necessary improvements.
By understanding these costs in advance, you can plan financially for the transfer of your new home in Costa Rica. Remember, these costs can vary, so seeking professional advice for an accurate estimate is advisable.

Who Pays for Property Transfer in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica, both sellers and buyers are responsible for equal parts of the total tax. However, an agreement is often reached between both parties during the negotiation of the sale price.

How Long Does Property Transfer Take in Costa Rica?

Typically, property transfer procedures in Costa Rica take around 15 days, thanks to the convenience of digital processing. However, it can take a few extra days in some cases, depending on the complexity of the situation.
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